Board Members

Who could have imagined the success we would create together over the last five years. When we have approached the corporate and private citizens in our community they have not asked “why” but rather “how much”.

The grants fund important resources and programs that help our teachers and students compete in the ever changing, increasingly competitive world of education and job opportunities.

The Wall of Honor has been embraced by our community. Inductees travel across the country and set aside important schedules to celebrate their life’s work with us.

It’ is our privilege to work with the people who make up C.A.F.E. and share one vision…. “It’s all for the kids”.

Board Officers

Daniel Quigley, President
Meghan Willkinson, Vice-President
Nancy Kunz,  Secretary

Board Members

Jeffrey W. Rose
Michelle Cenci
Lisa Crown
Josephine Agovino
Danielle Bradt
Dan Quigley
Meghan Willkinson
Tiffany Pieruzzi

Randall Squier, Superintendent and Ex Officio
Barton F. Wallace, Board of Ed and Ex Officio
Carol Ann Luccio, Board of Ed and Ex Officio