C.A.F.E. Grant Programs

C.A.F.E. is an independent fundraising organization charged with providing supplemental resources for educational programs.  C.A.F.E. has successfully provided over $100,000 in educational grants  for projects that otherwise would not have been possible.  We have supported a wide array of grants including the construction of a Greenhouse, development of the Aqua Lab,  creation of a Robotics club, etc.

C.A.F.E. supports Literature and Culture by…

Funding the Book Swap program at CES.
Each month over 200 CES students share their love of reading at Book Swap.
Purchasing Spanish Language Apps for all Grade 2 classes.
All second graders engage in Spanish lessons with Language Apps.
Sponsoring the Hill Brothers concert for all elementary students.
Over 500 elementary students enjoyed the Hill Brothers performance.

C.A.F.E. supports Health and Fitness by…

Funding the Mileage Club —an early morning walking club at CES.
CES Mileage Club members celebrate their annual Turkey Trot.
Funding the installation of the Fitness Trail on the Coxsackie Campus for use by all District residents.

C.A.F.E. supports Music & Arts by…

Purchasing a new spotlight and microphones for C-A Drama Club.
Purchasing MusicPlay , a multimedia music series for students at EJA.
Funding vocal workshops with Ithacapella for choral students at C-A High School.
Funding a performance by Shakespeare & Company from Lenox, Massachusetts for all C-A High School students as well as workshops for smaller groups.

C.A.F.E. supports Science, Technology, and the Environment by…

Purchasing 12 LED Scientific Microsco pes for C-A Middle School.
Each year C- A MS students will use state of the art microscopes in their science classes.
Purchasing VEX Robotics Kits for C-A High High School Technology Department.
The VEX Robotics program provides hands-on experience to over 120 students each school year.
Funding construction of a greenhouse at C-A High School for use by students and community members.
A new greenhouse at C-A HS will provide real world learning opportunities for students in biology, technology and business classes.