Grant Awards

Congratulations to our Grant Recipients!

The C.A.F.É. has already granted over $70,000 to teachers for classroom experiences,
enrichment or materials that go above and beyond what can realistically be funded in the
school district budget. These grants include:

  • $350 to establish the Mileage Club, a before-school walking club at Coxsackie Elementary
  • $1,800 to establish a book swap program, providing one free book to every child at
    Coxsackie Elementary School.
  • $1,275 for MusicPlay, a multi-media series that enhances music education for students in all
    grade levels at E.J. Arthur Elementary School.
  • $1,000 to purchase books to create a differentiated classroom library for ELA students in
    7th grade.
  • $2,500 to purchase 12 LED scientific student microscopes, used by 250 students in the C-A
    Middle School.
  • $1,782 to purchase a new spotlight and two microphones for the C-A Drama Club.
  • $1,200 for two vocal workshops with Ithacappella, a well-know a cappella group, benefitting
    choral students at C-A High School. This grant also funded a community concert performed
    by Ithacappella.
  • $8,995 for the purchase and creation of a Fitness Trail installed on the C-A campus to
    inspire and promote the value of exercise to students and the entire C-A community.
  • $1,000 for a “Shakespeare and the Language that Shaped the World” program to be
    presented to the entire C-A High School and performance workshops to be presented to
    smaller student groups.
  • Up to $12,518.94 to begin a fully equipped, competition ready, immediately deployable
    robotics curriculum in the C-A School District. This will move towards making robotics a
    mandatory unit that each middle school student studies during the Intro to Technology
  • $1,495 to bring the Hill Brothers to C-A to present their Across New York State Assembly
    Program to all elementary students. The program will enrich the fourth grade social studies
    curriculum, the third grade Language arts curriculum, as well as the music curriculum K-4.
  • $6,700 for a Green House Kit for use by special education, biology, and technology classes
    in the high school.
  • $8,360 to support and expand the AquaLab program in CE and the middle school. Grant
    will purchase multiple mini marine biology set ups used to grow livestock for big 200 gallon
  • $1,500 to expand the successful Bookswap program to EJA.
  • $100 for a Healthy Habits mini grant which provides snacks at a Guidance/Health
    Information night.
  • $125 for a Healthy Habits mini grant for 5th Grade.
  • $180 mini grant for the purchase of a Buddy Bench for EJA.
  • $7,710 to purchase equipment and materials to establish a digital media lab for the high
    school, allowing students the opportunity to learn video production and related digital media and communication skills.
  • $895 for an Earth Dome presentation at EJA.
  • $2,023 for Grizzly Mill/Drill and Lathe equipment for the Technology Department.
  • $1,299 for Farm to Fabric project for Grade One students at EJA, teaching students and
    teachers the process of felting from sheep to finished product.
  • $3,618.33 for an Outdoor Learning Center for the Middle School.
  • $4,142 for a field trip to the MiSci museum for all EJA students.
  • $839.99 for the purchase of set of Suzuki Chromatic ToneChime Hand Set for the music
    dept at EJA.